Educators Trainings 2023

Pre-school/ Montessori Training

The Agenda 

  • Understanding early brain development and the early alerts for Neurodevelopmental Conditions including ADHD, Autism and Sensory integration difference.
  • Strategies to support emotional self regulation, sensory sensitivities and early planning, organising and problem solving.
  • Delegates will be introduced to strategies that can be implemented within their setting and that can be shared with parents/carers at home.

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Primary & Secondary Schools

ADHD and the Principal Educational Strategies


Primary School Teacher & SNA

21st of November 2023 / Time 10am -12pm delivered by Arron Hutchinson who is the Education Training Director and Therapeutic Practitioner at the ADHD Foundation UK – Click HERE to register

Secondary School

22nd of November 2023 / Time: 10am -12 pm Secondary School Teacher & SNA/ delivered by Colin Foley who is the training director of the ADHD Foundation UK – Click HERE to register

Training agenda

The aim of this course is to educate Secondary school teachers and SNAs on ADHD and give them the strategies and methods to help, support and get the best from an ADHD child in your classroom.

The skills explored will increase classroom productivity and attendance, so improving confidence and peer to peer relationships in pupils with ADHD and engagement of Educators, improving understanding and awareness of ADHD nationwide. This programme will motivate teachers to become ADHD champions in their school, enabling them to take appropriate individual and collective action within their schools towards a positive classroom experience for all.

Our ADHD course for educators is structured in three sections:

1) What ADHD is and isn’t, including up to date research, key features, diagnostic criteria comorbidities, executive functioning impairments, emotional disregulation and the different presentations of ADHD, including gender.

2) The learner’s experience of ADHD, including working with parents.

3) Strategies that work in the classroom- including support for executive functioning, literacy, anxiety, movement and activity and therapeutic approaches.

The course is structured around the 6 key strategies for achieving good outcomes in education for learners with ADHD of all ages.

 Teacher’s Feedback

“Strategies that I can use immediately in the classroom to help my student with ADHD” – Secondary School Teacher – Dublin

“I can say that I have a better understanding of my student’s needs and have the tools to support them better than prior to the training, thanks” – Primary School Teacher – Cavan

It’s been only 2 days since completing the course and knowing what to do has had such a positive impact on myself and my ADHD students!” – Secondary School Teacher – Cork

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