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ADHD Ireland now has a branch in Cork. This is the first regional branch of the organisation outside of Dublin. It is run by Service Development Manager Martin Finn.  

A Cork native, Martin says he is proud to serve the people of Cork who have this condition. “Cork is a huge catchment area in terms of health, education and industry. It is in desperate need of more supports and services for people with ADHD. I am delighted to be able to provide these through ADHD Ireland.” 

Martin acknowledges the challenge that creating awareness and ultimately acceptance of this much misunderstood condition poses.  

“ADHD is a condition of extremes. It is extremely common, extremely invisible, extremely misunderstood and yet, with the right supports and services, is extremely treatable.” 

ADHD in Cork 

The total population of Cork (city and county) is 581,231.  

Because we know that approximately 5% of people have ADHD we can say that there are roughly 28,000 Corkonians with the condition. In terms of demographics, this translates to 21,000 adults and 7,000 children. 


We are currently searching for a Cork premises. This will allow us to conduct many more in-person events, facilitate walk-in queries and establish a better physical presence. We are open to any and all suggestions to this end.  

Cork Schools and ADHD 

With a total of 450 schools (primary and secondary), Cork boasts a huge population of scholars. Given that the average class size is 24, and that roughly 1 in 20 children have ADHD, there is approximately one child (at least) with this condition in every classroom.  

ADHD Ireland is addressing this need by rolling out a School Accreditation Programme (SAP). This programme was designed to educate principals, teachers and SNAs in schools so that pupils with ADHD (or suspected ADHD) can get the accommodations and support they so badly need.  

The honour of being the first school to complete this programme went to Beaumont Boys School in Blackrock. Principal Fiona Meehan was very proud of this achievement, saying: 

“Our main goal is to nourish every student equally, and for us to get the opportunity to extend our knowledge and understanding of ADHD was significant”  

More information on School Accreditation Programme HERE

Support Groups  

We facilitate regular support groups both online and in person. To participate simply go to our events page, choose the support group you wish to join and register. 

 Monthly Online Support Groups: 

  • Adult ADHD Support Group 
  • Men’s ADHD Support Group 
  • Parent Support Group – Primary School 
  • Parent Support Group – Teenagers

Note: there are no online groups specifically for Cork now. People can avail of the national ones. 

Monthly In-Person Groups:

  • Adult ADHD Support Group
  • Men’s ADHD Support Group “Walk and Talk”
  • Parent Support Group – Teenagers
  • Family Saturday Social at Fitzgerald’s Park

Joe Jeffers and ADHD Cork 

We would like to acknowledge Joe Jeffers for the hard work, dedication and support he has given to people with ADHD in the Cork region for over 20 years. Joe founded and was the CEO of the family support group HADD Cork. Through a lifetime of advocating for awareness of the condition in Cork he has laid the groundwork for the work that ADHD Ireland is proud to do here today. Thank you, Joe! 

The ADHD Cork office, at the Bessborough Centre, closed on Friday the 30th of April 2021.  


Please follow our ADHD IReland Cork Facebook Page for the local updates.


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