Understanding and Managing Adult ADHD Programme (UMAAP)




The Understanding and Managing Adult ADHD Programme (UMAAP) is a 6-week workshop series, combining psychoeducation on adult ADHD with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). UMAAP has been developed to address the lack of services available for adults with ADHD in Ireland and as an early intervention within a stepped-care model. The programme will be run by ADHD Ireland and is a collaboration between ADHD Ireland, University College Dublin’s (UCD) School of Psychology and the Health Service Executive’s (HSE) National Clinical Programme for ADHD in Adults.

UMAAP is targeted at adults with ADHD who are early in their ADHD journeys; attendees may self-identify as having ADHD and be awaiting diagnosis, have a formal diagnosis and are in the early stages of learning about ADHD or adults who may be looking for new strategies or coping skills. UMAAP is open to all and does not require a referral. It is structured as a webinar with guided self-help, in which the attendees complete workbook exercises as they follow along with the content and engage with each other through breakout rooms.

UMAAP is a novel programme integrating psychoeducation with ACT to cultivate knowledge of ADHD, self-acceptance and self-compassion, and psychological flexibility in attendees, with the aim of improving their quality of lives. Across the 6 weeks, attendees will learn about neurodivergent brains, executive functioning, inattention and impulsivity, self-care and daily living, emotional regulation and self-acceptance. They will also be introduced to ACT concepts of values, acceptance, connecting to the present moment, committed action and defusion.

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