Understanding and Managing Adult ADHD Programme (UMAAP)


UMAAP Rollouts for April and May 2024 are fully booked. Our next available dates will be in June. To register your interest, please sign up for our waiting list: UMAAP Waiting List 


  • UMAAP is a novel online programme integrating psychoeducation with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to cultivate knowledge of ADHD, self-acceptance and self-compassion, and psychological flexibility in attendees, with the aim of improving their quality of lives.  
  • UMAAP has been developed to address the lack of services available for adults with ADHD in Ireland and as an early intervention within a stepped-care model.  
  • The programme is run by ADHD Ireland and is a collaboration between ADHD Ireland, University College Dublin’s (UCD) School of Psychology and the Health Service Executive’s (HSE) National Clinical Programme for ADHD in Adults. 

What Can I Expect from a Session? 

  • All sessions are run via Zoom and are structured as a webinar, with psychoeducation and the opportunity to reflect on guidebook exercises.  
  • UMAAP facilitators, Aisling and Fiona, share their own experiences as ADHDers and provide examples for each exercise.  
  • There is opportunity to connect with others in the group via the chat and optional breakout rooms. UMAAPers often comment on how much they enjoy connecting with one another and how invaluable and empowering it is to be a part of a community of other ADHDers who share similar experiences.  
  • Our assistant psychologists, Jenny and Hannah, monitor the chat during sessions so that they can share the key themes being shared and share any questions with the UMAAP facilitators.  
  • We provide optional home practices each week so that you can put what was covered in the session into practice. For each session, there is a selection of audio, video, and written resources which you can feel free to dip into in your own time, if you feel like it would supportive.  

Who Can Sign Up For UMAAP? 

UMAAP is open to adults who either self-identify as having ADHD or have a formal diagnosis, at all stages of their ADHD journey. Whether you are awaiting a diagnosis, are in the early stages of learning about ADHD, or are looking for some new coping skills or strategies, we hope that you will find a sense of support, inclusivity, and connection in our wonderful neurodivergent UMAAP community. To join us, you do not need a referral. You must be 18 or older, and a full-time resident of Republic of Ireland.    

What Will My UMAAP Journey Look Like? 

  • Before starting the 6-week course, it is essential that you attend the UMAAP Foundations session. This is a prerequisite to the course where you will learn about some of the key concepts we cover in the programme, and what to expect from the 6-week programme.  
  • Across the 6 weeks, attendees will delve into the following topics: 
  1. ADHD Executive Functioning Differences, Self-Management Styles, and Food 
  2. Exploring ACT, Our Values and Vulnerabilities, and Rest 
  3. ADHD Thoughts, Self-Compassion, and Exercise 
  4. Compassionately Responding to Unwanted/Unwelcome Emotions, and Enjoyment 
  5. Untangling From Our ADHD Identity Tangles, and Socialisation 
  6. Making UMAAP a Part of Our Daily Lives 

Once you have attended 5 out of 6 live sessions, you will be eligible to join us for our monthly UMAAP-specific support groups where we cover topics such as mindful self-compassion, unhelpful perfectionism, common humanity, and polyvagal theory. During the support groups, we recap on topics covered in UMAAP and bring in some new topics. The UMAAP-specific support groups are a great way to stay connected with a neurodivergent community and move towards further understanding and managing adult ADHD.  


UMAAP has been evaluated by researchers in the School of Psychology, University College Dublin (Seery et al., 2023). Research findings have revealed that participants perceived individual UMAAP sessions as very helpful and that they were satisfied with UMAAP overall.   

Following the programme, findings suggested that UMAAPers experienced statistically significantly improved wellbeing encompassing:  

  • Improved quality of life  
  • Increased knowledge of ADHD  
  • Increased psychological flexibility  
  • Improved self-acceptance 

You can access the full research article and UMAAP Development Report here: 

Click HERE to access the complete UMAAP research findings 

Click HERE to access the UMAAP programme development report up to 2024 

You can watch our webinar to find out more about the programme: 

For any enquiries about UMAAP, please feel free to reach out to our assistant psychologists, Hannah and Jenny via [email protected] 

To register your interest, please sign up for our waiting list: UMAAP Waiting List 


The UMAAP team is passionate and dedicated to provide the best platform, resources and knowledge around ADHD acceptance, management and understanding for ADHD Adults.

Aisling Leonard-Curtin

Hello, I’m Aisling Leonard-Curtin, the senior psychologist at UMAAP. 

 As a multi-neurodivergent individual (dyspraxic, dysgraphic, and ADHDer), I am deeply committed to supporting others like myself. My late identification as an ADHDer in my thirties has fuelled my dedication to helping neurodivergent individuals better understand and support themselves. I have been in my role as Senior Psychologist with ADHD Ireland since April 2022, and I continue to strive to create an environment where everyone feels understood and are given the tools and resources they need to better understand and manage their ADHD in an attuned way.  

 People who have attended group sessions with me often express appreciation for my authentic and compassionate approach. I make it a priority to simplify complex concepts, ensuring they are easy to understand and apply in daily life. I won’t ask you to do or reflect on anything that I wouldn’t be open to doing or reflecting on myself.   

 Outside of my UMAAP work, I cherish time with my multi-neurodivergent wife and our furry babies.  I have a lifelong love of learning and enjoy opportunities to travel and attend conferences and workshops worldwide, expanding my knowledge of psychology, ADHD, and various spiritual and creative practices.  I love being in nature surrounded by trees and/or water.   

 In my professional and personal life there is a powerful quote by Pema Chödrön that I connect with “The most fundamental aggression to ourselves, the most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves, is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and the respect to look at ourselves honestly and gently.” This quote encapsulates the essence of what I want to bring to my work at UMAAP – fostering the courage to see our ADHD-related differences for what they are with kindness and understanding rather than misinterpreting these differences as character flaws. 

 I’m excited about the upcoming UMAAP rollouts and the UMAAP-specific support groups, which have been a highlight of the programme, providing a space for individuals to be their authentic selves not needing to mask their ADHD. I look forward to connecting with you or your loved ones through UMAAP and its supportive community. 

Fiona O’Donnell.  

Hello, my name is Fiona O’Donnell.  

My role at UMAAP is UMAAP facilitator.  That means that I work with the assistant psychologist and we run the six 1.5 hour sessions involving the use of our slide deck, discussions in the chat, and a 15 minute Q&A at the end. The thing I most enjoy about my job is meeting so many amazing people and building our UMAAP community. I love getting the chance to share our experiences. 

Outside of UMAAP, I like to have a sea dip on a Thursday with my friends. I love nature, the mountains, and dancing. Connecting with friends is also really important to me. I love dance music and find the beat really supportive for concentration. I’m a big fan of nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, and vegetables. I love learning new things and like to approach life with curiosity. Nature, connection, and authentic people inspire me. My values are around connection and acceptance. I have done a lot of travelling- I loved Mexico, Japan, China, and Africa.  

 A favourite guiding quote of mine is from Thich Nhat Hanh. He says ‘the greatest gift we can offer someone is the gift of presence’. I really believe in that and I think it’s really important to remember.  Sometimes a listening ear can be the greatest gift we can offer somebody. The best piece of advice I have ever received was to remember that I am doing the best I can and to bring a little bit of compassion to myself in difficult moments.   I’m absolutely delighted to be part of UMAAP and really looking forward to meeting all of you and continuing to build this community which I think is very special.  

Jenny Fennessy

Hello! I am Jenny one of the assistant psychologists supporting UMAAP. 

My role involves supporting the facilitators and the participants of UMAAP. We aim to make it feel as easy and smooth as possible and that each new UMAAPer feels like they are being welcomed into a community. The Assistant Psychologists are usually the first people you hear from at UMAAP as we reach out to welcome you on the course and then support you along the way.  

One of my favourite parts of the role is to watch people grow and learn and share their stories. It is such a privilege to hear the honesty and vulnerability but also to hear how UMAAP changes people’s life. Many people have shared they are more compassionate towards themselves and others and have more self-acceptance along with feeling seen and understood. That is so special to be a part of. 

Outside of UMAAP I spend time with my family, being outside in nature and travelling. However, I love a good book and just being completely cosy at home too. 

 Really looking forward to meeting more people on the UMAAP Journey and connecting with those who have completed UMAAP in the UMAAP-specific support groups.  

Hannah Rudden

Hi! I’m Hannah. I am an assistant psychologist with UMAAP.  

My role involves supporting the UMAAP facilitators, Aisling and Fiona, in the delivery of the six-week programme and the UMAAP-specific support groups and supporting UMAAPers during the programme. During each session, I monitor the chat and share the key themes with the group. 

My favourite thing about my job is meeting all the wonderful people that participate in our programme. By the end of each six-week programme, I am always in awe of the compassion, openness, and authenticity within the groups.  Outside of UMAAP, you will find me spending time with my friends, curled up with a good book and a cup of tea, or walking on the beach with my dog, Ozzy.   

I am really excited for our upcoming UMAAP rollouts and looking forward to meeting all of you! 

Official Launch 24th April 2024, Dublin

Understanding and Managing Adult ADHD Programme (UMAAP)

Minister Mary Butler T.D. with the ADHD Ireland CEO Ken Kilbride, Dr Margo Wrigley, Prof Jessica Bramham, Christina Seery, UMAAP Team, ADHD Ireland Team, ADHD Ireland Board.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin Daithí de Róiste with the ADHD Ireland CEO Ken Kilbride, Dr Margo Wrigley, Prof Jessica Bramham, Christina Seery, UMAAP Team, ADHD Ireland Team, ADHD Ireland Board. (Photograph by Arthur Carron)

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