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ADHD School Accreditation Programme

The SAP is a national initiative developed by ADHD Ireland to make each school in the country ADHD Friendly. The goal is to reach every school and bring the necessary knowledge and tools to make the educational journey more effective and positive for ADHD students, teachers and families.

 The ADHD Schools Accreditation Programme

This project aims to inform all professionals in education about ADHD by promoting understanding, knowledge, and practical strategies to support students in primary and second level education. Following our successful pilot programme last year, we will be blending the expert training we currently deliver online and incorporating bespoke services to individual schools to support their students with ADHD.

Each setting will receive the expertise of our Service Development Team who will work individually with a core member of staff. Each school will receive training and recommendations on how to support children with ADHD with general and specific accommodations, thereby improving ADHD awareness, creating an ADHD friendly environment, and reducing challenging behaviour in the classroom.

All schools who successfully complete the programme will be invited to participate in our SAP Graduation Ceremony. This includes a flag raising ceremony, accreditation certificate, resources & promotional advertising.

What is involved?
  • Pre and post programme meeting with Principal and SENO, school visit onsite /online.
  • Up to five staff to become ADHD champions to participate in our ADHD intensive training with Colin Foley from The ADHD Foundation, UK.
  • Whole school staff training on ADHD, providing awareness and accommodations.
  • Parent/carer information session on ADHD. · Access to a monthly online teacher/SNA support group.
  • Resources provided to support staff and students. · Accreditation Ceremony and Certificates upon completion
Benefits from participating
  • The Schools Accreditation Programme addresses the stigma and myths associated with ADHD.
  • Each school will benefit from increased knowledge and understanding of ADHD through specialist training and the latest research.
  • School staff will be able to recognize the characteristics of ADHD.
  • School staff will have increased confidence on how to manage and support pupils with ADHD.

The SAP programme commence twice a year.

The September 2022 term is fully booked.

New term of the School Accreditation Programme will start January 2023

If your school would like to become ADHD Friendly, please – click HERE to fill-out the form to register your interest.


Highlights of the ADHD Ireland Accreditation Programme Ceremony – read HERE

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Highlights of the ADHD Ireland Accreditation Programme Ceremony – read HERE 

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Highlights of the ADHD Ireland Accreditation Programme Ceremony – read HERE

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