Complaints Policy

ADHD Ireland aims to provide high quality services which meet the needs of its members
and service users.
All staff, volunteers and Board members appreciate that most people want:

  •  To be heard
  •  To be understood and taken seriously
  •  To be respected
  •  To be given an explanation
  •  To be given an apology, where appropriate, and
  •  To get action or resolution a soon as possible.

ADHD Ireland recognises the right of members, visitors and service users to complain
when feeling dissatisfied with the service provided by ADHD Ireland. We undertake,
wherever possible, to resolve complaints and to prevent similar complaints from occurring.
Our Complaints Policy outlines procedures for dealing with complaints.
The policy objective is to provide procedures to control the processing of complaints as a
way of improving services to our members and service users, and enhance the public image,
ensuring that requests are acknowledged courteously and investigated efficiently and

In order to maintain high standards and continue to improve, we have a procedure through
which you can let us know if for any reason you are not satisfied with our dealings with
ADHD Ireland. We welcome your feedback.

If you are not happy with ADHD Ireland please tell us.
If you are unhappy about any experience you have had with any ADHD Ireland service,
please call the office at 01 8748349 and ask to speak to the CEO.

Often we will be able to give you a response straight away. If the matter is more
complicated, we will give you at lease an initial response within five working days.
Making a written complaint:

Please provide all relevant documentation/correspondence and below information to assist
us with your complaint to ADHD Ireland:

Date of complaint:
Nature of complaint:
Your Name:
Telephone number:

Please return completed form to CEO at i[email protected] or ADHD , Carmichael House, North
Brunswick Street., Dublin 7.

If your complaint is about the CEO, or if you wish to make the Board aware of your
complaint please write to The Chairperson, ADHD Ireland, Carmichael Centre, North
Brunswick St., Dublin 7 (The chairperson and board will change from time to time but the
names will be listed on the ADHD Ireland website www.ADHD Ireland .ie, on our emails and
headed paper and with the CRO office).

All written complaints will be logged. You will receive a written acknowledgement within
five working days. The aim is to investigate your complaint properly and give you a reply
within ten working days, setting out how the problem will be dealt with to resolve the

If after we have responded you are not satisfied, please write to the Chair who will report
the matter to the next Executive Board meeting, which will decide on any further steps to
resolve the situation.

(Revised on October 2015)

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