Presentations to Schools / Professionals

With 1 in 20 pupils having ADHD, this talk will give you the knowledge to help and support an ADHD child in your classroom.

Our information talks are tailored specifically for educators –  Teachers and SNAs – to empower educators about ADHD,  build support and raise awareness and understanding of ADHD.


  • What is ADHD (and what is it not)
  • An overview of assessment and treatment routes
  • Working with parents
  • ADHD and co-existing conditions
  • Hints, tips and strategies for managing ADHD in the classroom
  • Who are ADHD Ireland and what do we do

If you would like to chat to us about ADHD Ireland coming to your school, please get in touch with us on 01 874 8349 or email [email protected]

A small fee applies.

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