Collaboration of ADHD Research and Education

The Collaborative ADHD Research and Education (CARE) network has been co-founded by University College Dublin and Maynooth University in conjunction with ADHD Ireland.

Our Mission Statement

The purpose of this collaboration is to bring together key stakeholders to improve the lives of children, teenagers and adults with ADHD in Ireland. The aim is to achieve this by establishing gold standard practice among professionals, helping to co-ordinate ADHD research in Ireland, while enhancing understanding of ADHD across Irish society.


To achieve the mission above we propose the following objectives:

Establishing gold standard practice among professionals across education, health, social and youth justice systems.

  1. Over an 18 month time frame (beginning Jan 2019), develop, roll out, test and evaluate the Echo Project model.
  2. Following on from evaluation of the Echo Project and taking that its result can be quantified, that the project is then adopted as best practice and a full series of training is devised for delivery from 24 months onward

Help co-ordinate ADHD research in Ireland

To deliver the items below over a 3 year time frame

  1. Compile a register of all ADHD specific and co-morbid research in Ireland
  2. Develop a database of international research
  3. Create a repository of ADHD research articles for use of the research community along with wider academic and medical professionals
  4. Facilitate networking among researchers along with wider academic and medical professionals

Enhance understanding of ADHD across Irish society

  1. Deliver a series of public events bridging the gap between academia and the general public to increase knowledge of current and best practice in the area
  2. Adapt and publish relevant research to help increase public awareness and understanding of ADHD
  3. Represent and take part in media discussions on ADHD


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